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Wall bed or sofa bed?

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Wall bed or sofa bed?

What do you think would be more comfortable and a better use of spave for a small guest room? 


Wall bed?




Or more traditional sofa bed?



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Re: Wall bed or sofa bed?

I imagine the comfort level of the wall bed would just be dependent on the mattress. I don't think I've ever had a good night's sleep on a sofa bed though. Both seem good space saving options. 

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Re: Wall bed or sofa bed?

I have never used a wall bed before, but have used a sofa bed. 


We found that our sofa bed was fine for a while, however upon using the sofa bed more and more, the mattress became worn. This in turn made our sofa sag in the middle and look deflated and also wasn't very comfortable to sit on. 


We tried using foam fillers, changing the mattress and refilling the couch cushions, however in the end we ended up removing the sofa bed and just have the couch on it's own. We now don't have a spare bed, but our couch looks much healthier. 


I feel like a wall bed wouldn't have this issue, as it would only be used for a bed and is not used for different purposes. 

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Re: Wall bed or sofa bed?

Sofa beds are terrible to sleep on. I saw a wall bed recently in a spare room and it looked like a fantastic use of space. 

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