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Alfresco makeover

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Alfresco makeover



I’m new to the work shop community. I actually had no idea that you could join an online forum for Bunnings. Der…. What was I thinking! We have been renovating our house for two years and I would have learned so many tips and tricks from this site. My first contribution is our DIY job on our alfresco area. We did a crazy pave floor and also a feature wall with all the products purchased from Bunnings with the exception of the tiles. I absolutely love the porters paint colours on the garage door and our outdoor setting that I upcycled. It was 7 years old 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Alfresco makeover

Hello @jesseydiamond


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us and thank you for sharing your amazing alfresco project.


What an outstanding makeover. The crazy paving, wall accents, and the upcycled outdoor furniture just send it right over the top. Did you already have a vision in your mind of what you wanted it to look like or did you put together elements from other ideas that you saw? What prompted you to upcycle the furniture instead of just buying new ones? What kind of cover did you apply to that back wall? 


I'm so sorry for the many questions. I'm sure our members are keen to know the details of your design and build. It's never too late to share projects that you've done around the house, please don't hesitate to show what you've done. We would be more than happy to see them. 


Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing more.




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Re: Alfresco makeover

Hi Eric,


I knew that I wanted to do a crazy pave as I wanted a finish that I could

pit straight over the existing concrete so we didn’t have to demolish any of it which would save us money. I pondered on the feature wall for a while before I settled on the battens and tiles. I was looking at using porta timber but it was going to be outside our budget so used other pre primed outdoor timber instead. We put up outdoor fibre cement sheeting to give the wall a flat surface for us to lay the tiles and put the battens up. I opted to paint the outdoor setting as even though it was old it was still in good condition but it needed a refresh and saved us a ton of money in buying a new one. I went to spotlight and picked the material to make the new cushion covers for it and it looks completely different. So happy with how it turned out

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