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Barbecue and fire pit in one

Amassing an Audience

Barbecue and fire pit in one

Wow - love the look of this. It would be a great central point of the backyard and cooking would be more social and fun.



Looks like you can get really hot temperatures for searing and the lovely smokey flavour that you want from charcoal or wood cooking with no flare ups. Clean up is super easy - just scrape into the fire in the middle. 


That it doubles as an attractive fire pit is a fantastic bonus. And it looks like its maintenance-free.


Hopefully an Australian distributor picks it up for release here. 

Becoming a Leader

Re: Barbecue and fire pit in one

That is a fantastic idea.  Got to admit though, when he put that rib-eye on, I was instantly hungry.  I could see friends and family standing around enjoying both the warmth of the fire, but also the smell of all the goodies.  I think the best part is, more than 1 person could be cooking.  Wish I had the room.




Re: Barbecue and fire pit in one

Unfortunately Open Flame BBQs aren't recommended in summer when
Total fire bans are in place
Here in WA Please check

Dept Of Fire & Emergency Services

Re: Barbecue and fire pit in one

Looking at their site they sell the plate to fit a BBQ kettle, it's not rocket science to make them.


Dished ends fairly well a stock item, cones not so much but can be special order.


Pipe for the base is also a stock item, could get more fancy though their design is fairly Spartan.

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