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Beef Short Ribs on a Webber Napoleon

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Beef Short Ribs on a Webber Napoleon

Hi @MoonshineBen 


Am absolutely loving the posts you are putting up and your vast knowledge.


I have recently purchased the new Napoleon Webber and am loving it.


I just recently tried my first cook up of beef short ribs and they were amazing.


I have two questions. 


1- Do you have a recipe you recommend to get those really sort juicy beef short ribs and


2- My dream is one day to own a really nice offset smoker but can only afford an entry level one at the moment.


Is their a entry level offset smoker that you would suggest even from the Bunnings range.


I want to mainly do ribs, brisket and similar cooks.


Your suggestions would be much appreciated.


Kind regards Rob 👍😁

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Re: Beef Short Ribs on a Webber Napoleon

Hey @gippslandhome , thanks very much, glad it helps!


Awesome that you've got yourself a new cooking unit, the Napoleon is a solid unit.


The secret to good beef ribs is time. They do take up to 8 hours to get them really tender and so the fat renders properly and makes them juicy. I'm not sure if I've posted it here before, but here's a couple of how-to recipes I have done:


Essentially, keep them uncovered and cook at up to 275F (they can take some higher heat), make sure you spritz whenever they are looking dry on the surface (use either water or apple juice / cider), and wait until they probe like butter.


As far as an offset goes, you've got two options, there's the stick burner or the pellet model. Pellet tends to be more set and forget, running on a thermostat and feeding the fire as it needs it. From the Bunnings range, this is a good one, alternatively Traeger also make a solid unit.


If you're looking at a stick burner (ie running on solid wood fuel), these require a bit more tending, but also produce a really good result. You want something that is reasonably heavy duty in terms of construction, as if the steel is too thin, then it will be harder to hold heat. I use the Flaming Coals offset at home and in comp , but if you're looking for something from the Bunnings range and within budget, I'd suggest this one from Char-Grill The Char-Grill units have come a long way in the last few years and really upped their quality.


Hope that helps!




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Re: Beef Short Ribs on a Webber Napoleon

thanks so much Ben for all that information and great advice.


looking forward to following your posts.


All the best in your comps and have a ripper 2020


Kind regards Rob 

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