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Best paint for metal coping on swimming pool?

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Best paint for metal coping on swimming pool?

What is the best paint to use on metal coping on a swimming pool (above ground). My husband (argh) just used paint that was enamel, water based. The pool is 19 years old, and about 4 of the coping tops have been replaced because of rust. With another 3 (+2) needing replacing, and thank goodness I've been able to get 3 replacements.  So in order to minimise further rust, what paint is advisable for this application? One with a rust inhibitor? The paint that was used, has naturally!! faded to a very dull green (I think the original green colour was something by the name of 'Heritage Green'). Thank You.  🦄

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Re: Paint for metal coping on swimming pool.

Hello @Catnipmanor1234


Thank you for sharing your query about what paint to use for your pool coping. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'll need to get this particular paint from specialised pool paint suppliers. The paint you're after is quite special, not only does it have to withstand exposure to the weather, it has to be able to withstand the chlorine in the water. I'm afraid regular paint will not last as long as paint that's purpose-made for swimming pools.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Paint for metal coping on swimming pool.

Hi @Catnipmanor1234 


You  cant go past a  zinc  based  paint as  the  zinc in the paint acts as an cathode protection as well as a physical barrier and reacts before the  metal being protected.  It is also a durable epoxy  spray .


Damaged  coping First use a rust converter on rusty metal  pool coping after  you bushed as much rust off as you physically can you will never get all the rust even if the metal looks shiny again. If it is allready rusted out ie more rust and metal with holes get new  coping.


Shake cans very  well :

Spray new  and rusty but  physically sound coping before  it goes back on the pool as follows

Use Dy-Mark Metal Zinc Gal primer at Bunnings 


If you really  want long term protection spray on

Dy-Mark MetalPro Silver Zinc as a finish coat. Also at Bunnings

Once coping is  protected spray the coping any color you wish for looks.



My dad as a welder  used gallons of this stuff on his welds/ projects I still have a cement mixer 60 years old and is still going strong i just replace power cord on it as it was getting old.

Re: Paint for metal coping on swimming pool.

To: Jewelleryrescue  -  many thanks for your reply - and detailed information. I really appreciate your help. I'll pass this on to my husband, and hope he takes notice. Again, thank you. Gabrielle.

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