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Best way to clean solar panels?

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Best way to clean solar panels?

Hi everyone. I have an old solar hot water system on the roof and I've noticed it has got algae or something growing on it. Is there anything I should or shouldn't use to clean it? I've been putting it off as I'm not too keen to get up on the tiled roof as it could be slippery. I guess something that I could spray from a distance and stay on the relative safety of the ladder would be preferable. Thanks!

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Re: Best way to clean solar panels?

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Re: Best way to clean solar panels?

I found some on our old system that was in a corner from a leak - new system later only a bit of mould on a mounting bracket and no leak.
I would try a gentle spray with a garden hose first.
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Re: Best way to clean solar panels?


I've seen this stuff around and perhaps this might be useful. Not sure if they stock it at Bunnings though, but you could ring your local one and ask:

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