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How to drill into a brick wall?

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How to drill into a brick wall?

I have a large red brick wall on my boundary which is the neighbours' outer wall of an room extension.


It is huge, 8m long  x 4m high.   It acts as a courtyard wall to my house and was planted with a creeping fig many years ago.


It looks fabulous now, but the plant has grown right to the top and the length of wall covering it completely, but has become very heavy and is threatening to fall off the wall.  There is no support at all. 


What I would like to ask is how hard would it be to drill into wall to attach bolts, to which I could string wire or have even thought of attaching steel mesh screens to wall.  Could this be a DIY job or should I call in a professional and who/what trade would I need?





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Hi @lalla,


Welcome to Workshop. We're pleased you could join us and trust that you'll receive lots of helpful advice and inspiration from the community for this project and many others to come in the future. Please feel free to post whenever you need assistance or have something to share.


Let me tag @royq for you as your idea is a little reminiscent of his project here -


I also wonder whether you could share a photo or two with us so community members would have a better idea of what you are working with?






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Yeah, a photo would be good @lalla. I'd probably just be giving it a trim...

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If you are at all concerned about the structural integrity of the wall itself I would certainly consult a professional. Is there any signs that the wall is unstable or is it just that the creeper is going to topple @lalla?

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