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Can I change an existing deck to Ekodeck?

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Can I change an existing deck to Ekodeck?

Hi my name is Kaylene,

Can I change my existing wood deck to the Ekodeck? 



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Ekodeck

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Kaylene @kazwadey and thanks for your question.


Our resident D.I.Y. expert @MitchellMc would love to help with your question and get you started on this project when he's back on the site on Friday. Thanks for your patience. 


In the meantime, you might like to check out this video and step-by-step guide about How To Lay Ekodeck to help you visualise and plan out your upcoming project.


Look forward to seeing your new deck.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Can I change an existing deck to Ekodeck?

Hello @kazwadey 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop! Would it be possible for you to post some pictures so we can have a better idea of the size and current condition of your existing deck? What is the current size of the deck panels used on your deck? If the frame work on your current deck is in sound and in good shape ( no rotting or damage ) it will just be a matter of calculating the deck panel size and amount of Ekodeck we will need to cover your deck. We hope to see your pictures soon.




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Can I change an existing deck to Ekodeck?

It's fantastic that you've joined us @kazwadey.


It is certainly possible to change your decking material from timber to Ekodeck. As @redracer01 has mentioned, as long as the framing is in good condition, it would just be a matter of removing the existing boards and swapping them over. I'd like to hear a little more about your deck and the reasoning behind wanting to change materials. Perhaps you would like the reduced maintenance of Ekodeck?


I'll also be looking forward to seeing those images and providing further assistance. Please let us know if you have any questions about the process.




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Re: Ekodeck

Hi Stevie,


Elton here from Ekodeck - the video you have referenced is quite an old one - we don't have the old top-fix style Ekodeck anymore!


@kazwadey check out our installation video for Ekodeck here: 


The only thing we ask for to adhere to warranty requirements is that your joist spacings are no more than 450mm centre-to-centre and you have a minimum of 40mm ground clearance if you have adequate drainage beneath the deck which does not allow water to pool, otherwise a minimum of 90mm should be adhered to.


Let me know how you get on. Here to help should you need any additional information :smile: 

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