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Decking and Storm Drain

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Decking and Storm Drain

Hi All,

Hoping you can help us! From the attached pictures, as you can see we have already a small concrete slab section. We are hoping to level with the concrete slab and the area that has just dirt, we want to use the concrete blocks for the framing. Would it be ok to use half concrete blocks and then part of the concrete slab for the treated  frame to sit on?

The other issue is the storm drain and the other drain. How can we best work around these?

Looking to use gravel for drainage aswell as the weed control mat.

Your help is much appreciated, we just took down 3 large trees in our small court yard and looking forward to having a lovely bbq area! :smile: 








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Community Manager

Re: Decking and Storm Drain

Hi @Rosetta28,


Welcome to Workshop. We're really pleased you could join the community and are excited to see you transform your outdoor entertaining area. 


Thanks for sharing some photos and information so that members can see what you are working with. Let me tag some of our amazing community members such as @LePallet@ProjectPete and @Adam_W  to help get the discussion started.   




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Re: Decking and Storm Drain

Hi @Rosetta28 and welcome!
Okay... just trying to get my head around what your are planning...
So you're looking to deck the entire area?
I notice that from the sliding doors there's only one coarse of bricks for height & that then increase as you get towards the single door. That gives you a tiny bit of height to work with.
At the end further away from the house you will have to make sure you have solid footings of one sort or another. Concrete blocks would be fine but they still need something solid beneath them otherwise they'll sink into the ground.
Back to sliding door side... you'll likley have to start with a 'ledger plate' or 'ledger board' attached to the wall at the right height as you won't have a lot of wiggle-room. Remember to add flashing behind a plate like this.
I'm actually thinking that the 'Good Times' modular decking system might work well in your situation.
In regards to your storm-water pit... yes, you do need to make sure that you can get access to it for cleaning etc. The easiest way is to make a little removable hatch above it. Just involves some simple framing and a lift-out panel.
Hope this has been of some help. Please feel free to fire us any more questions.


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