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Diary of a back lawn makeover

Making a Splash

Diary of a back lawn makeover

v4-2p.pngWe recently moved into a new home and were fortunate to have the entire block landscaped... except for the rear yard area.  At around 25m wide, and 12m deep, it was a large and underutilized space, thick with mature trees and therefore dark and gloomy also, with exposed sandy soil that had been seeded with lawn seed.


It also sloped from rear to front, and from left to right, so was an awkward level for play.


The main living area looked out onto it and so it really depressed the mood of the entire house.  Plus it was a massive space that the kids (8 y.o. and 6 y.o) just didn't use. 


October 2017

All trees in place. Just dirt. Very dark and scruffy. With the excitement of a brand new home, this is the missing piece of the puzzle, and the one disappointment.  At this stage I'm considering a D.I.Y. job of laying turf over the top myself.






November 2017

One tree taken out, grass is trying to grow but just not getting there.



December 2017

Decided to bite the bullet and bring in a pro.  Nine mature trees removed - if you ever do this make sure all tree removal permits are in order - had no idea of the process involved prior to going through it.  Light is flooding into the yard and the house now, and we're feeling hopeful it could take shape as a great space.


The landscaper (Luke and team from Point Nepean Projects in Cape Schanck) suggested bringing in additional soil to help level the area, hence the additional tier of retainer posts you can see.





January 2018

Wowee, we are rapt.  Lots of turf watering ahead of us, but the space looks amazing, and the kids can't wait to get onto it.  Area has been levelled and turfed, and additional retainer completed. 


Also the view from within the house living area through to the yard is amazing - we no longer hide the backyard with curtains closed, but open them wide and the light and colour just bounces in now.  A few plants around base of the remaining trees and finishing touches to add.








Final pics to come, but I can't wait to give it it's first mow!  So glad we consulted a professional landscaper.  Highly recommend Luke and team for work down on the Mornington Peninsula:


Before, during and after



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Brilliant result, many thanks for sharing @Ben.


Our resident lawn expert @Adam_W might like to give you a few tips for ensuring that the lawn not only survives the rest of the summer but thrives. 


Thanks again,



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Having an Impact

Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Wow @Ben what an amazing transformation!  I've been considering the same thing for our backyard.  What type of grass did you opt for?



Making a Splash

Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Thanks @Kim :grin:


Yes we are really pleased.  We opted for a type of kikuya grass.  It gets a bad wrap sometimes for its aggressive runners/rhizomes, but is relatively soft underfoot and hard wearing for kids and pets.

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Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Great result @Ben. Looks fantastic and must be great to have a much lighter, brighter space. Did the new turf survive the recent hot weather OK?

Having an Impact

Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Couldn’t agree more, great lawn, terrible for gardens. We (and by 'we' I mean mostly my in-laws!) weeded a couple of tons of it when we started our garden. But our lawn is still green for months after the neighbours' have all browned off.

Re: Diary of a back lawn makeover

Yeah, exciting until you get to the permits... Glad you got past that one. (>$5000 a pop for me).

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