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Drawer modification on caravan

Finding My Feet

Drawer modification on caravan

I made an aluminium drawer to sit above the stove on our caravan. There is a large tunnel boot on the side of the van. The stove pulls out and there was a gap above it.

I bought a sheet of aluminium, cut it with a hack saw and Tin snips so that it was in the shape of a cross. I bent the sides up using a multitude of garage items and a Mallett. I found it easier to bend it down but it became more difficult on the last side, the front, so I sort of cut across the last side (?scribed)  and that helped and gave a neater finish. I then made angles from the spare aluminium and rivetted them on the corners. Applied some edging to the top so it was neater and then put it in the space using drawer sliders. A handle went on the front and foam to protect the door of the boot tunnel and keep it still. My husband helped me with muscle and all the difficult bits, especially putting on the drawer slides. It turned out really good, was cheaper than buying over and we felt very proud of ourselves. 

The attached photos show the progress and the before shot.




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Drawer modification on caravan

Hello @jujim


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fabulous to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your drawer modification project for your caravan.


You should be very proud of your drawer project. Nothing brings greater satisfaction than seeing a D.I.Y. project come together. Had you purchased this drawer or had it custom-made by a third party, it would have probably cost you an arm and a leg. Knowing caravan accessory prices, you've possibly saved yourselves a bundle.


Can you please tell us where you sourced the drawer finishing edges? This technique alone saved you from having to bend the edges of the aluminium sheet, plus it blends in very well with your stovetop. Would it be possible for you to tell us how you attached the shelf to the drawer runners?


Any other extra information you can share about your drawer project would be highly appreciated.


Again, thank you for sharing your very clever drawer modification project.




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Finding My Feet

Re: Drawer modification on caravan


Thanks for your support. 

The edges came from a car Auto shop (Auto Parts). This was an incidental but brilliant find. They are called car door protection strips.

On the left of where the drawer was to go, we had to put a bolster piece to allow for switches and because the door opening started a little way in. My husband then took measurements from the top of the cupboard recess down you where we thought the middle of the drawer would be. We marked with a pen (in the middle holes of the runner), we checked it was level using a small spirit level and a plank of wood held across the marks on both sides. Adjusted slightly then screwed the outer runner's on the sides of the recess We then measured down from the top of the drawer, where the runners could sit, allowing space for the drawer to nestle in. We held the drawer in then, testing height, level etc. And checking out positioning.

Made a few adjustments and applied the inner part of the runners to the drawer sides. Then we set the inner part of the runners (that were attached to the drawer) into the outer runners  that were screwed to the sides of the recess.

There was a lot of checking and holding the drawer in and measuring but it was worth it.


I hope this helps.






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