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Exterior home reno: Screens, render repair & paint

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Exterior home reno: Screens, render repair & paint

We purchased the home in November 2022. The cement render around the garage door an front entry had substantial damage an the paint was faded an stained. The blueboard above the garage door had cracked on every joint. The other consideration was as the home faced west with a wide streetscape, the amount of heat entering the home from the western sun needed to be addressed. We already had ceiling insulation an a solar extractor, so sun screens were an option to deflect the heat from the brickwork. After a few weeks of planning an several visits to our local Bunnings, the project was underway.


Home when purchased.Home when purchased.


Poly Multipurpose Exterior Powder Filler.

Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 undercoat, primer-sealer an stain block.

Selleys Paint Over water based acrylic polymer.

Dulux Weathershield paint

70 x 35mm H3 pine framing I/N 8032103

Pine posts 100 x 75mm H4 I/N 0120811

Zenith pine screws 8-10 x 25mm

Taubmans Sun Proof paint low sheen I/N 1540464

Matrix1800 x 900 x 6mm charcoal fern screen panels. I/N 0092401

Hume 42 x 11mm moulding H3 treated pine I/N 0020927

Bamboo screen. I/N 3041187

Bastion post mix. I/N 0760294


Ryobi drill, Gorilla step ladders, small an large. Ozito Drop saw. Paint brushers. Hand saw an various small tools.


Step 1

Repairs to the render with Poly Multipurpose exterior filler an Zinsser 123 with course sand added. The repairs were taken back to a solid edge, filled an sanded smooth. A small amount of Zinsser was then mixed with course sand, an stippled onto the surface with a cheap brush, to create the render effect.


Render Repair.jpg

Step 2

The joints in the blueboard were cleaned out an filled with Selleys Paint Over acrylic polymer, smoothed level an coated with Zinsser 123. The Selleys product was chosen for the expansion capabilities, longlife an quality. Zinsser was chosen on reputation as an outstanding primer.


Blueboard Repair.jpg

Step 3

After a gurney to clean the surface, the final step was two coats of a quality paint. Dulux Weathershield was selected because once again the expansion capabilities, colour retention an as a market leading product. The colour we selected was a bit way out, Pedirka Desert, so colour stability was an important consideration. 


Weathershield.jpgIn progress.jpg

Step 4

The next step was the frame for the sunscreens with the single Matrix panel. The frame was 70 x 35 structural H3 pine screwed together with galvanised bugle batten screws 14g in various lengths. 



Step 5

Following up by installing the Matrix 1800 x 900mm charcoal panels with 42 x 11mm slats at a 19mm spacing. The slats were H3 treated FJ pine an secured with screws suited to treated pine timber.


Slats & Screws.jpgFit Screen.jpg

Step 6

The last step for this side was to paint with two coats of a quality paint. We chose Taubmans Sun Proof in Woodland Grey to match the garage door. The paint was good quality, suited to the application an cost effective. 


Sun Proof.jpgSingle panel front.jpgSingle panel back.jpg

Step 7

The other side with the two Matrix panels was much larger so it required a more substantial frame. 90 x 45 treated pine was selected supported on two 100 x 75mm H4 pine posts, concreted into the ground with Bastion post mix. The rest of the installation was a repeat of the first side.


double panel.jpg

Step 8

The last consideration was what to do with the space behind the sunscreens. An Oriental garden or a Mexican garden came to mind, why not both ? Old carpet was used as a weed mat covered by decorative stone. A bamboo screen, various plants, pots an statues were then added. Project complete. Over 80 percent of materials came from Bunnings. 


Asian Garden.jpgMexian Garden.jpg

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Sunscreens, Render repairs and new Paint.

Hi @Rubenjam,


Let me begin by extending a warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community! We're thrilled to have you join us and we appreciate you sharing your colourful and eye catching home makeover. You have done a fantastic job creating a functional sunscreen solution while also improving your curb appeal. For someone looking to create a similar look for their home, do you have any tips or tricks?


Projects like yours sometimes get featured in our Top Ideas articles, such as our 10 ways to improve your home's street appeal. Maybe yours will be there one day!


Your project would be a wonderful addition to our ongoing search for Australia's best D.I.Y. project this D.I.Y. July. Therefore, I've taken the liberty of submitting your project on your behalf. We hope you'll find Workshop to be an excellent source of inspiration and guidance. If you ever need any assistance, please feel free to ask.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Exterior home refresh: Sunscreens, render repair & paint

Good morning @Rubenjam 

I actually like the colour :smile: When I first saw it my eyes went woooo thats bright but then thought it really suits. I like the way you have done the sun screening :smile: That really works. Have you noticed a reduction in heat in the house? 


The exterior home refresh has really lifted the house.



Growing in Experience

Re: Exterior home refresh: Sunscreens, render repair & paint

Thank you Dave for your kind comments. Not much change at present as we are in the colder months, but I'm sure the summer heat show if the project was worthwhile. What I have noticed is how much extra privacy we have now, you can leave all your front blinds open to the street an still have privacy an much better light into the home. 

Growing in Experience

Re: Sunscreens, Render repairs and new Paint.

Thank you Katie. For us it was just a plan to improve the home with the new paint an sunscreens, just another DIY project of many I have completed. Then several locals started stopping by saying how much they like the new make over, so I thought maybe it does have some appeal to others. I noted the July DIY competition so why not enter. It takes a while to gather the information an photos but when its raining, its a good opportunity. Maybe at 75 years this will be an inspiration to our older generation that we can still get it done. There is still quite a bit more to do out front so I better get on with it. Thanks again.

Re: Sunscreens, Render repairs and new Paint.

Let me also extend a warm welcome to our community, @Rubenjam


Like the others have mentioned, your exterior home makeover is a terrific blend of functionality and style. The screens are a great idea to add privacy while also reducing the amount of direct heat entering your home. I'm sure many community members will get inspired by what you have done. Look out for plenty of questions coming your way from those wanting to replicate your handiwork. 


I'm looking forward to seeing more of your D.I.Y. projects on the site. Please also don't hesitate to reach out should you need any help. Our wonderful community would love to share their advice and experience.




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