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10 ways to improve your home’s street appeal

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Projects Editor

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Updating your home’s exterior is a good way to showcase your style and make a great first impression, especially if you are looking to sell your home. 


Luckily this exercise doesn't always have to be expensive or time-consuming.


Below are some examples of how Bunnings Workshop community members have improved their home’s street appeal. Let us know if you need a hand with any of them. We’d be happy to assist. 


1. Give your front garden a makeover


Kirsty (@EleventhCoastal)’s low-maintenance front garden makes great use of Oxy-Shield steel garden edging and Lytworx garden lighting. For more creative ideas, check out our Top 10 most popular garden makeovers


Garden makeover (2).jpeg


Resident horticulturalist Adam (@Adam_W)'s simple guide on How to give your garden a makeover can help in ensuring your garden makeover is a success.


2. Paint the exterior

Workshop member @Dinny dramatically transformed the front facade of their tired 1950s house by painting the weatherboards, windows, plinth, door, downpipes and balcony.  


Tired weatherboard home renewed with paint (2).png


For those looking for painting tips, experienced Bunnings Workshop contributor Rob (@Peggers) has put together a great step-by-step guide on How to paint like a professional.


3. Add a house number sign

Community member @sper used Tasmanian Oak mouldings to build this house number sign.

House number sign (2).jpg


This guide on how to create concrete house numbers is also great for anyone looking for step-by-step instructions.


4. Plant some greenery


A garden bed full of fragrant plants and hedges created a lively feature in front of Sue (@suequarford)’s house. It's also a terrific way to add privacy. 


Use plants.jpg


Here is what you'll need to consider when choosing a hedging plant.


5. Update the front porch

Resurfacing this Pebblecrete in slate grey completely changed the look of member @JRRed’s front porch.


Resurfaced pebblecrate (2).JPG


Those planning on revamping their front porches may also like to check out this front porch makeover by Claire (@Renowayoflife).


6. Build a fence

Rodney used Merbau decking boards and Whites Screen Up posts to build a D.I.Y fence in their front yard. Don't miss our Top 10 most popular fence projects for more creative ideas. 

Front fence.png

Experienced Workshop member Pete (@ProjectPete) shows you how to add an extension to a Colorbond fence in his step-by-step guide.


7. Update the pillars


Wanting to give their front facade a new look, community member @DKG opted for Merbau boards of varying lengths to transform their dated brick pillars.


merbau-clad-pillars (2).jpg


For more inspiration, check out how Emma @emmajames transformed her patio with these Hamptons-style verandah posts.


8. Build a deck


Workshop member @jaga built a Spotted Gum deck outside their front door for a safer, more accessible entry and as a place to enjoy the scenic view. 


Spotted gum deck (2).JPG


Our guide on How to build a deck contains step-by-step instructions on how to build your own.


9. Add stairs


Stacey (@stacey_elise01) created a statement staircase leading to the front of her home by using tiered decking.


Tiered decking.jpeg


Have a look at our Top 10 most popular outdoor projects for more inspiring ways to transform your outdoor space.

10. Hide unsightly views


Using storage boxes is a great way to hide any unsightly bins from spoiling your home’s front facade. Member @ponting72  provides a stylish bin storage solution. For more clever screening ideas, have a look at our Top 10 most popular screening projects.


bin storage (2).jpeg


The Bunnings team has shared step-by-step instructions for building a D.I.Y. bin storage unit.


How to improve your home's street appeal


For just $6500 and two-day's work by the Bunnings Make It Happen team, homeowner Lisa went from wanting to tear down her house to loving it's Hamptons-inspired style. The makeover project included new modular decking to transform the entrance, spray painting the brickwork and painting the windows and front door. 


 See how the Bunnings team transformed the street appeal of Lisa's home


Need more help with improving your home's street appeal?


The Bunnings Workshop community can assist with further inspiration and advice on improving your home's street appeal. 


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