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Getting the BBQ ready for Christmas


Getting the BBQ ready for Christmas

Hey everyone,  I'm a fanatic for barbecuing. Summer is my time to shine, and in the lead-up to Christmas I get planning and readying.

Basically, if anyone wants to eat, the meat is in the fridge/freezer, the salads are either in the garden or in the fridge, and BYO.


Help yourself, because I have my sunlounge and I don't get up for anyone.


So I've been a good boy and cleaned up the BBQ so it's shiny and ready (but I'll be using it constantly).


This is the first year I've tried "Fatsorb" and I'll see how that goes. It looks like kitty litter for the BBQ😂



  • Smoker box - Check
  • Hickory wood chips (lots of it) - Check
  • Apple wood chips - Check
  • Mesquite wood chips (lots of it) - Check
  • Rib stands - Check
  • Beer Chicken Stand - Check
  • Chicken Drumstick holder - Check
  • Rotisserie Skewers - Check
  • Aluminium drip trays - Check

Shopping list:


  • Tomahawk steaks
  • Other steaks
  • Chickens and chicken thighs
  • Chicken Drumsticks (lots)
  • Pork ribs (lots)
  • Pork cutlets
  • Lamb chops
  • Turkey drumsticks (marvellous when smoked to perfection - use the rib stands)
  • Burgers and burger mince
  • Sausages
  • Salmon cutlets


  • Every seasonings and rubs I can get my hands on 😎


Now, try this recipe as an idea for boxing day:

Serves 8

2 pineapples, whole.

Brown sugar

8 Salmon cutlets or steaks

Lemon Thyme seasoning

Lime juice

Kewpie Mayonnaise



Slice the pineapples  to get 8 slices - don't remove the rind!

Put the sliced pineapple one at a time into a bowl of brown sugar and turn them every couple of minutes till you get a nice coating;

Take the salmon cutlets and drizzle a bit of lime juice and lemon thyme seasoning onto them;

Heat the barbecue to hot

Put the pineapple directly onto the grlll plate,  1 or 2 minutes a side, flip once, remove and keep warm

Put the salmon cutlets or steaks on the grill, and cook to your desired doneness

Put the salmon cutlets on the pineapple slices, drizzle some kewpie mayonnaise and more lime juice


Any wine will do, but I love a chilled riesling.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Getting the BBQ ready for Christmas

Many thanks for the receipe @Walter. I'm sure most people in the Bunnings Workshop community will be firing up the barbecue in the next few weeks. I always look forward to seeing what people have been cooking. Share your photos everyone!




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