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Gutter guards

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Gutter guards

Another question.


I recently cleaned out the gutters which were chock full of leaves and muck. Not a fun job!


Just wondering how easy those leaf catcher/gutter guards are to install yourself. And do they actually make your gutters less efficient? – that is, smaller and more prone to overflowing etc during heavy rain?




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Re: Gutter guards

I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble - it's an easy job. 

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Re: Gutter guards

I wouldn't recommend them. I find that they can actually cause problems - silt builds up underneath which can be hard to clean out, then you get weeds growing in the silt. I think they interfere with the natural flow of water which cleans the gutters. 


I did see "bottle brush" guards recently which looked a better idea as they'd be easy to pull out and clean, flush out the gutter and then pop back in. 



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Re: Gutter guards

I would recommend the Brush thing as well.
My gutters are also got those gutter guards which I am pulling out now. they did not stop any thing instead, now I got to deal with the weeds growing in my gutters.
This Brush thing seems good idea.

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