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Help to lime/white wash driveway

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Help to lime/white wash driveway





Would love some advice on how to on a budget transform this red brick paved driveway please! The real thing and inspo attached.

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Re: Help to lime/white wash driveway

Apologies for the slow reply @krawson. Many of our community members are taking a well-earned break at the moment, including our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert @MitchellMc, who I will ask to assist you upon his return to the site next week. Many thanks for your patience in the meantime. I will also tag some other members who might be able to kick off this discussion and share their thoughts about how they would tackle this project, including @JDE, @prettyliving, @TedBear, @2Belindas and @Tara86.


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Re: Help to lime/white wash driveway

Hi @krawson 
Firstly, I totally love the look you are going for.  Recycled bricks in herringbone pattern ❤️
To achieve the farmhouse kind of look on walls and for your pavers like in the inspo photos you have attached, you will have to "German Schmear" them. The German Schmear paste is what will fill in the gaps between your pavers.  
I watched a few tutorials on You Tube.   The tutorials come from the US, so you'll have to substitute the ingredients with what we have available here. 
Otherwise, if you want a 'white wash' look, you'll need to clean your pavers first with a high pressure wash (Gerni from Bunnings). Let them dry, mix white matt outdoor paint with a little paint drying retarder (like JoSonjas Retarder Medium) which will give you time to smooth and work the paint to prevent it from drying too fast and patchy. 
NB.  The paint will soak in pretty quickly - apply it with a brush and quickly smooth/rub off with a big sponge.  Play with it until you are happy with the finished look - you might get away with the one coat if you get it looking smooth enough.
PS. It won't stay perfect for a long time - its not that durable underfoot and dirty boots will leave marks.
However, I think it'll look great and is a really cheap option to lift the look of your pavers.  Love it.  Share your pics when its done 

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Re: Help to lime/white wash driveway

Hi @krawson,


It's great to see you've already received a helpful reply from @2Belindas. I wonder if this look was first established from bricks that didn't have the mortar removed from their surface after laying. You could fill in between them with white cement or Australian Builders 20kg Off White Cement mixed with Avista Oxide 1kg White Cement Colouring. You'd then leave the excess cement smeared on the surface.


I do like @2Belindas approach of using paint to achieve this look and believe it would be more controllable using a sponge. I'd encourage you to do a test section and show us your results. If you don't like it, you could flip the bricks over.


Please let us know if you need further help or had questions.




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