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Hiding a drainage pit

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Hiding a drainage pit

Hi team,


We've got a drainage pit in the front yard. We were thinking of building some garden things to cover it. 


Can you help? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Hiding a drainage pit

Hi @Louisezhang,


Welcome to the Workshop community. I'm sure our members will be able to help with this project and many others to come in the future. I've moved your post so that it is more visible to members, but also suggest you share a few photos of your front yard so everyone can see what you are working with. 


Have you got any thoughts so far about what you could screen the pit with? Could you just use plants, or does it need to be a structure?


Thanks again for joining us, and please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.




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Re: Hiding a drainage pit

A photo would be great @Louisezhang. There are lots of decorative screens on the market if it's really large, or just some plants might be fine. There's also things like fountains and ponds, even statues. Or check out the amazing creations by @Jamespeter100 in posts like this - 

Re: Hiding a drainage pit

hi @Louisezhang, check regarding the drainage pit, some need to accessible if any problems with whatever drains it is connected to.
It may be worth while considering something that can be easlily removed like a bird bath or a light weight ornamental pot.
maybe a arbor over reaching the drain with climbing roses
hope this is of some assistance

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