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How do i make something like this low table?

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How do i make something like this low table?

Hi guys, hope all is well. I’m a newbie with 0 experience. I’d like to make something like this. I know Bunnings had bench tops already but will need help with the legs and what tools are needed. Thank you 


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Re: How do i make something like this?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @martaaa. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question.


These trestle legs would be one of the more simple designs to support a laminated panel. The legs can be made from 42 x 19mm Tasmanian Oak joined together at the top with Notchka 25 x 19 x1.6mm Brass Hinge Butt to make an A-frame. There are then two central supports to join the two A-frames. A sisal rope runs between the two central supports to stop the legs from spreading apart.


I would suggest a simple method would be to cut eight lengths at your required height with a hand saw. Then cut four central supports at your required width. Lay two leg sections parallel to each other and screw the central support between them with Zenith 8G x 38mm Solid Brass Countersunk Head Wood Screws making an H shape. You can then use the hinges to join the legs together. You'll need to place a hole with a Sutton Tools 7mm High Speed Steel Viper Metric Drill Bit in the center supports and tie a length of rope through the holes


I've created some renderings below that will hopefully give you a better look at how the legs are constructed.


Please let me know if you need further information or have questions.








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