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How to attach gutter clips?

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How to attach gutter clips?

Hi. Over the years I have noticed some of my internal gutter clips have come away from the gutter but not all. Is there a tool I can use that will assist in fitting the clip back into the curl of the gutter or do I have to remove everything and start from scratch. I believe the gutter clips that have been used are the internal quad gutter straps

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Re: Re-ataching Gutter Clips

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @rcervetto. It's brilliant that you've joined us, and many thanks for the question about repairing your gutter.


There's no tool that I'm aware of, but you can probably manipulate the clip back into the lip of the gutter. You'll likely need to pry the lip slightly open with multigrips before re-inserting the clip into position. Once it's inside the curl, you can crimp the lip back down on the bracket with the pliers.


If these clips have come undone because of an inadequate amount of them being used to support the gutters' water-filled weight, you might expect the same thing to happen again. Apart from really crimping the lip down and deforming its shape, you'll need to consider what other options are available. As a bit of a hacked solution, you could drill a small hole in the gutter's lip and run a piece of wire attached from it back to the fascia board. You can wrap the wire around a screw and then drive it into the fascia. This might be enough additional support to prevent the clips from detaching again.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Re-ataching Gutter Clips

Thanks Mitch. Will give that a crack and see how I go

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