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How to build a balcony balustrade?

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How to build a balcony balustrade?

I have a first floor balcony which is currently timber has support posts 90 x 90

with timber slats and cross beams

i wish to change it to metal and want to use pool fencing 1,200 mm 

can I legally use this product and if so what are the rules regarding the minimum height and the amount of gap between the bottom rail and the floor of the balcony.

as the lengths my not be exact in regards to the current posts what is the minimum gap required between the post and the end of the fence

would be very grateful for any help 

cheers Chris 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Balcony

Hi @Cwdl


You can't use pool fencing as balustrade unless the product you are looking at states explicitly that it is suitable. Most pool fencing is not classed as a structural balustrade. Our range of Protector fence and pool panels are not suitable for use for falls exceeding 1000mm.


Our range of Protector balustrade is designed and manufactured to exceed the mandatory Australian Standards and Building Codes for Australia and is required for any decking, patio, or veranda higher than 1 metre off the ground and can be used to a height of up to 4 metres. Balustrade is required to be stronger than boundary or pool fencing as it is the only barrier to prevent balcony accidents. Ulti-M8 heavy gauge aluminium pickets for ultra-strength core are used in Protector balustrade panels.  


The Protector balustrade comes in 2000mm long panels. You can order custom made options through your local store's Special Orders desk.


Please check with your local council for any additional installation requirements and let me know if you have any questions.




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