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How to build a retaining wall on pavers?

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How to build a retaining wall on pavers?

Hi all,

I'm thinking to build a retaining wall (2.2m L X 0.9m H) at where the yellow highlighted spot. Do I need to remove the pavers to start lay my brick or I can lay them ontop of the paver? Would the cement hold them?


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Re: build a retaining wall

Hi @alwyntn 


Those pavers look solid and well laid and yes please lay your bricks directy on them as  your foundation as your proposed wall is not overly weighty needing a large foundation. And the  corner return will add to the walls stability.  This will save you alot of extra work/


(If you take pavers out you will need at a minimum 200mm x 200mm reenforced with steel cement foundation)


Can I suggest you make the wall double  brick width or  one besser brick  wide approx 200mm  to give you a  strong stable wall in case it get knocked into the future.


Yes  regular sand cement mix will adhere to pavers.  In fact  I use pavers as cheap  but good cappings to cover up hole in the brick tops if you not doing a feature  stone top.


Good luck  enjoy your project


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Re: build a retaining wall

Much much appreciated for the feedback. Very informative and will definitely go with your double brick idea.

Thank you !

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: build a retaining wall

Hello @alwyntn


Thank you for sharing your question about building a retaining wall. Before you start your build can you please check what is under the gravel next to the yellow line you drew? If while digging you run into geotextile fibre or an agi pipe sock, odds are there is an agi drain located in the area. If that is the case, I recommend removing the paver and building a proper base for the wall you are about to build. 


Let's do a quick calculation, your wall is approximately 2 meters long. Each brick is generally 230mm long, when divided by that length you'll approximately need 8.5 bricks, but with the turn let's round it off to 10. You've stated that the height is 900mm and the typical brick height is 76mm so that means you'll need 12 bricks. If we multiply the 10 x 12 you'll get 120 bricks for one side only, multiply it for a double wall you'll need 240 bricks. If we multiply it by the average weight of a brick which is 3.2kg you will get an average weight of 768kg.


It will weigh even more with the mortar and capping added, which is more than half a ton of weight spread over a 2-meter length. Since this seems to be a long-term build, I propose building a base so that there will be no chance of it tilting or sinking in the future.


I also suggest having a quick look at this discussion - Advice needed to lay brick-raised flower bed by @dotti.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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