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How to choose good work boots?

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How to choose good work boots?

Hi guys, 


Thanks for welcoming me to the board. I wanted to ask advice on investing in a good pair of work boots for working around the house. Would it be worthwhile to spend more investing in a pair of safety boots that would last longer? Happy to hear anyone else's thoughts on this.


Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area - new to the community!





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Re: How to choose good work boots?

Hi @silbchris,

Welcome to the Workshop community. We trust you'll get loads of helpful information, advice and inspiration from our amazing community members for all your projects around the house and garden.


I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's favourite work boots - I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations!


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share. 




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Re: How to choose good work boots?

Welcome @silbchris 


I've always been a fan of Steel Blues and currently use these - they're comfy, great quality, strong reputation and look good but are on the pricier end. These are for when I'm working with heavy/hazardous materials and to meet site regulations. However if I'm doing a flooring job (non-construction site) and most other jobs, I just find a quality pair of Nike/Under Armour runners to be the way to go - always comfy and good support. In saying this, I work in thongs and barefoot a lot of the time too haha.


I'm looking for some new ones myself at the moment. I like the look of the Under Armour range but they're not all "safety" boots, more "tactile" boots. Given the comfort and quality of their runners, I expect their boots to be the same. I see the FXDs get a fair bit of promo so they could be worth looking in to.


Keen to hear other people's thoughts/experience too.

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Re: How to choose good work boots?

I'm a Blundstone fan. Rarely wear anything else! 

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