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How to clean discoloured outdoor tiles?

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How to clean discoloured outdoor tiles?

Hi, we have moved into a unit that has a roof top patio. The tiles have discoloured around the grout edges. Is there a product that can remove this or is it possible to sand down the tiles and then paint. 



Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Help with discoloured outdoor tiles

Hello @TG


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about the discoloured tiles.


This staining often occurs when the minerals from the grout and tile have come up to the surface due to rainfall. I suggest trying CLR 1L Calcium Lime Rust Remover in a discreet area of the patio. Make sure to give the CLR enough time to dissolve the minerals before attempting to clean the area with a stiff brush.


If the CLR is not effective, you can paint the tile, but the top glazing of the tile must be sanded away. The White Knight 4L Medium Grey Ultra Pave Quick Dry Paint will not adhere to the glazed tiles. The other option is to retile the patio and seal it to prevent mineral staining from occurring again. Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing the staining removed.


Let me tag our experienced members @Yorky88 and @Chaks_DIY for their recommendations.


If we can assist you further, please let us know.




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