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How to clean stained outside sandstone pavers?

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How to clean stained outside sandstone pavers?

I have 1-year-old outdoor sandstone pavers that have been stained with plant litter and metal garden furniture (rust) 

What product should I use that will not affect the garden plants and imitation lawn?



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to clean stained outside sandstone pavers?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @SusieQ. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question.


I'd suggest starting with the mildest method and then progress until you see results. My recommendation would be hot water with some dishwashing detergent mixed into it. Apply it to the area and use a stiff bristle brush to scrub down the pavers. You could try 30 Seconds 2L Outdoor Cleaner With Rapid Hose End Technology if you see no effect. Ensure to flush it away with plenty of fresh water after the cleaning process to avoid damaging the garden plants.


You might also like to try @vica's method, which they used whilst cleaning their stone benchtop. They had great success removing rust staining.


Sometimes rust stains can penetrate quite deeply into stone surfaces. Try the above methods and let us know how you go. If they are not successful, we can move onto more aggressive treatments. Once the cleaning has been completed, you might like to consider applying Crommelin 6L Limestone And Sandstone Sealer to help prevent staining in the future.


Please let me know if you have questions.




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Re: How to clean stained outside sandstone pavers?

Hello @SusieQ 


I've just recently tested my Ryobi pressure washer with pavement and decking attachment. I am very impressed but I can only vouch for my area as it is bricks, if you do have a pressure washer then combined with @MitchellMc suggestion of cleaning products with the pressure washer it should give you a superior clean. What is important is that after its clean and dry is to seal the paver and prevent more contamination from coming in. If you don't have a pressure washer I suggest having a look at Ryobi 2000psi Pressure Washer with pavement and deck attachment. It comes as a complete set and only $149! bargain!





Screenshot_2021-05-16 Ryobi 2000psi Pressure Washer.png

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