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How to create a challenging windbreak

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How to create a challenging windbreak

HI folks.

I have a challenging problem, which I hope some of you maybe able to help with. 

I have a large tank approx. 1.5 meters from my shed. One side of this gap faces due West, from where, come the most ferocious westerly winds imaginable.  I need to create a windbreak in this gap, but there are some big problems.

Between the tank and shed, are: pipes from the tank to the shed, pipes from the shed to the house, pipes from the guttering to the tank, pipes from the water pump to the house, and pipes from a nearby bore to the shed and back again into the garden. Plus electricity somewhere under there to the bore.  It's a  nightmare.

Planting trees is out. And I really can't dig significant post holes anywhere either. 
How do I block this space? What materials? How do I keep it up without foundations or deep post holes?

I thought of Besser Bricks curved like a dam wall. Would that work?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to create a challenging windbreak

Hi @raymondo,


Well, that does sound like a tricky situation! Have you considered a raised garden bed? I'm sure you would find @Adam_W's article on how to build a raised garden bed useful. If the garden bed is built wide and long enough, there is no need for concreting it into the ground. You could even install SpecRite 1800 x 902mm Merbau Slat Screen Panels on the windward side to prevent buffeting from prevailing winds.


Alternatively, if you did some careful excavation next to the rainwater tank and could manage to find a clear 300 x 300 x 450 section of ground, that would be enough room for concreting in a post. That post and your house's framework would be enough to support some horizontal timber spanning the gap. Once again, you could fix SpecRite 1800 x 902mm Merbau Slat Screen Panels to those horizontal timbers as a windbreak.


Let me mention @Adam_W and @TedBear to see if they had some thoughts.






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Re: How to create a challenging windbreak

Another great idea @MitchellMc .   Perhaps you ( @raymondo ) could run a windbreak from the house edge wall to the western side of tank wall itself, such that the wall and the tank act as supports for the wind break?

Re: How to create a challenging windbreak

Nice render @MitchellMc ! Even drew the gutter!


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Re: How to create a challenging windbreak

Late to the party @raymondo but the style of screen below can be very effective and done with very few posts.
I'm also a huge fan of clumping bamboos. They do not have aggressive or invasive roots and will fill up fast. Something like variegated dwarf Malay or Chinese dwarf would likely work there.



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