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How to create a soft play area for kids over outdoor tiles?

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How to create a soft play area for kids over outdoor tiles?

Hello community, 

I’m not a very handy person so forgive me for being clueless when it comes to DIY.

I would like to make the area in red marked in the photo, a soft play area for my kids. At the moment those outdoor tiles get slippy when wet, too hot in summer and hard impact when they fall.

I was thinking either pour in place rubber or the rubber tiles. My question is can the pour in place just be put on top of the existing pavers? Is it easy to level? I would prefer this option because it is available in a lighter colour so it won’t get too hot for the dogs/kids feet but I’m thinking the rubber tiles will be easier to place.
Also we don’t have much of a budget so which option would be the cheapest? 

Help in making the right decision would be much appreciated 😊


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to create a soft play area for kids over outdoor tiles?

Hi @JenSall 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your question about creating a soft play area for the kids.


There are two types of surfaces I can recommend, the Swing Slide Climb 1 x 1m x 20mm Shock Pad Rubber Paver or the EVA 50 x 50cm Interlock Foam Mats Solid Blue Pk4. Both products will provide a shield against a slight fall on a solid tiled surface, but they are not enough to provide protection if the child is moving at extreme speed.


Both products can be cut with a Stanley Knife so that they can fit snugly around your contoured flooring. Between the two covers the Shock Pad Rubber Paver is heavier and will resist movement due to its weight. The Interlocking Foam Mats however provide ease of assembly but are very light and quite easy to move out of place.


You do have the option of applying contact adhesive to prevent movement, but it might stain your tiles when it comes time to remove them.


However, if you wish to cover the area with soft sand it will be necessary to create a sandpit frame to prevent the sand from being washed out every time it rains.


I also propose having a look at the Swing and Play Set that will fit in your proposed play area.


Here are some discussions you might find helpful:



If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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