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How to cut Matrix screening to fit fence?

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How to cut Matrix screening to fit fence?


I am planning to build a fence extension along the edge of my fence. I myself know nothing about these things but will be building it with my dad and uncle.


Problem is, the fence is made of two different sized parts - one fence is standard (~240cm) and the other is an smaller (~70cm) to make the fence fit to the backyard (picture x1). The height required is around 60cm to match the height of the other fence.  


I've read that you can trim the metal matrix panels - so I was planning to do this with the help of my uncle who has the machines. However, my understanding is that usually the matrix extensions should be fixed to the existing fence posts, meaning that I would have one big matrix panel of 240cm, then a tiny little one of 70cm mounted according to the fence posts, which I don't like the look of (picture 2). To make it more complicated, the fencing posts are obstructed by a pipe on the left, as well as the pole for the washing line (ie currently covered by fake plant). 


My hopes were that I could simply buy two matrix panels, cut them to half the length of the fence, and spread them evenly (picture 3), leaving a join in the centre. 


My questions are 

1) if I were to do the centre join (Picture 3) how would I fix the panels to the existing fence? What materials would I need? 

2) would this differ if i was to use wooden lattice instead (ie picture 4!) 

3) is it possible to get a custom wood (or metal) lattice panel of 60cm height, but around 310cm (total length of fence) wood lattice - I can't seem to find something of those dimensions on the website.  


Ideally I'd know these things before propositioning to my neighbours! 



IMG_3086.jpegIMG_3108.jpegIMG_3109 2.jpeg


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Cutting Matrix Screen to fit fence - lattice fence extension

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @deeelljay. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about installing Matrix screening.


So the big issue you need to address is how you'll support the sheets in the centre, as you can follow these standard directions for either end. You can screw into the top rail in the centre, but you will be missing the ability to install the lower screw as there's no post. You really need that lower fixing in case of high winds. There is the option of installing additional angle brackets into the top of the fence and screwing them into the panel. This isn't as strong as having the upright mounting leg fixed into a post though. 


You could use two bolts that pass through the fence for the lower fixing on the two central mounting legs. Obviously, you'd need to discuss that with your neighbour.


The panels are fixed to the fence with mounting legs. You'll need self-drilling metal screws to connect the leg to the fence.

You'd have the same issue with timber lattice and need to find central support.


I haven't seen any custom-made options available.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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