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How to dog proof a lawn?

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How to dog proof a lawn?

Has anyone got fool proof ideas for protecting a lawn from dog traffic and the odd digging adventure.  My well manicured Kikuyu now has number of sand traps where I have had to filling in their holes.  I know it will grow back but how do I stop it in the first place?

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Re: Dog proofing a lawn

Hello @stewartvp


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about dog proofing your lawn.


I'm sorry to hear that your well-manicured Kikukyu has had some holes dug into it. There are products that you can use to keep your canine visitors at bay. I recommend the Multicrop 1kg Keep Off Animal Repellent. It comes in crystal form and does not get washed away in heavy rain. It is totally safe for animals and humans and comes in spray form.


The safest and most effective deterrent is the Sureguard Motion Activated Water Spray Animal Repellent. When set up correctly, it is an ideal deterrent to all animals entering its guarded safe zone. It sounds like an interesting project, any updates you can provide would be much appreciated.


Let me tag our experienced members @Noelle and @prettyliving for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Dog proofing a lawn


Sorry won't be fool proof, but on my kik if my dog digs, I tend to place one of his poos into the hole to prevent  him making it bigger. Unsightly, but seems to work. 


But to stop digging all together will take training....either tire your dog out on walks and other activities or redirect the activity to say an approved diggin spot (i.e. a sand pit with your dogs toys buried in it) hopefully it'll pick up places where it can be allowed to exert its energy. 


The other option to the above post is to place some sort of layer like a light mesh down initially to protect the soil being dug. 


To answer the dog traffic part, well that's easy right? Minimise/eliminate dog movements over it with a temp fence or barricade it. Kik can withstand it once it warms and grows but sounds like you are aware of that. So not sure what else to suggest here for you. 

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