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How to fix damaged caravan wall?

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How to fix damaged caravan wall?

Unfortunately someone used a screw that was far too long on the outside of the van and its come through to internal wall.. I'd appreciate any ideas on the best way to fix this. Thanks


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Re: internal caravan wall damage

Hi @Kazee ,


I'm going to tag @twocutekelpies  in on this post, but I'd imagine you'd remove the screw and put the correct size screw in and fill the hole that was damaged.  But @twocutekelpies Knows caravans inside and out, so will be a wealth of knowledge for you.




Making a Splash

Re: internal caravan wall damage

Oh Kazee, that's terrible. As Marty said, swap out the offending long screw for a shorter one but when replacing, you'll need to seal the screw in to prevent water ingress via the screw, just a dab of silicone or sealant of your choice.

With the screw removed from the interior wall, you may be able to push the ply splinters back in a bit to level it but it may remain obvious. Unfortunately repairing inside isn't as simple as using spakfiller like in a house because the wall lining is only thin ply and flexes with the movement of the caravan, the ply is also poly coated not painted so sanding the filler back makes it difficult. It's a bandaid but do you have a small picture frame or art piece that would cover it and not look out of place? 

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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: internal caravan wall damage

It looks like two of our fabulous and knowledgeable members have already provided some awesome advice @Kazee. There's not much else for me to add but a great welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community!


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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