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How to paint a Hume Duracoat entry door?

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How to paint a Hume Duracoat entry door?



I have just applied 2 coats of dulux weathershield paint (monument colour) to a new Hume timber entry door. I allowed around 4 to 5 hours between coats. 


I accidentally scratched a section of the door with my fingernail and the paint came right off.  I tested a couple of other areas and the paint just scrapes right off.  What seems to be the issue here?


Should I have lightly sanded prior to painting? I was under the impression I can paint right over the bluey/green duracoat door.


Someone mentioned it may be the fact the paint hasn't Cured as its quite cold here in Melbourne and I am painting the door in my garage.


Am now considering sanding the door back to roughen the blue/green and starting again.


Thanks in advance 



Finding My Feet

Re: Painting Duracoat Entry Door




Re: Painting Duracoat Entry Door

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @tgeorgopoulos90. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about painting a Duracote door.


I'm sorry to hear you've experienced issues painting your Duracoat door.

Duracote doors must be primed before applying your topcoat. Although Dulux Weathershield is a self-priming exterior paint, due to the slick surface of the Duracote, it must be primed separately first. I suggest using a primer such as Zinsser 1L Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Undercoat Primer Sealer Stain Blocker. It's a water-based primer which makes it easy to work with and you only need to use water to clean up the brushes.


The delaminating of the paint is due to having no primer, but you might also like to reconsider using a soft paint such as Weathershield which is typically designed for walls and surfaces that don't readily receive impacts. I recommend using a much harder water-based enamel paint similar to Dulux Aquanamel.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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