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How to paint a concrete retaining wall?

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How to paint a concrete retaining wall?

Concrete retaining wall ,1 yr old,want to colour it .Any advice for what to use & instructions?



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Re: How to paint a concrete retaining wall?

Hello @Maddam64 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us and thank you for sharing your question about painting your retaining wall.


One of the conditions necessary for painting a concrete retaining wall is that its back must be sealed with waterproofing. You can do this by using Bitumen Paint, but it will be necessary to dig out the back in order for you to apply the sealer. If the back is not sealed any water gathered up behind the retaining wall will permeate the concrete and create hydrostatic pressure. This means that if you paint the surface of the concrete, the slow water pressure from the other side will literally push the paint off the surface.    


As a possible alternative have you considered perhaps covering the front of the retaining wall with SpecRite 1800 x 902mm Pre-Oiled Merbau Alternating Slat Fence Panel or a Matrix Panel. I recommend having a look at these discussions -  D.I.Y. Merbau slat fence for courtyard screening by @CagsMac and Merbau panel screening by @WendyL.


Let me call on our experienced members @Dave-1, @craftyhopper @Peggers and @redbournreno for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to paint a concrete retaining wall?

Good Evening @Maddam64 

Now thats a nice solid looking retaining wall :smile: I was wondering if there is any branding on the concrete beams or the steel posts? It matches the spacing of the fence posts so exactly it may be easy to find the supplier and see what type of concrete they have used in the concrete beams. 


I agree with @EricL about water pushing through and pushing against any painted surface even tho it sounds surpprising. I also like his idea of the timber slats for covering the wall or maybe even just sections to break it up? I wouldnt drill into the concrete beams tho. 


I was thinking about using some bgc fibre cement 2440 x 1200 x 7-5mm 2-93sqm duratex blueboard and attaching it to the steel posts then you could paint without a problem. You would seal behind the sheet first. 


If the houses in your area all have the same type of retaining walls then maybe someone will know the supplier for some more details?



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