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How to remove weeds from lawn?

Just Starting Out

How to remove weeds from lawn?

Moved into a new house which was vacant for 2 months. I see weed in my backyard. How do I fix?
I have never done any DIY on the lawn and need guidance/recommendation on "How I bring the lawn back to a reasonable shape?".
I have read some online blogs that talk about - Scalping --> Scarifying --> Core aeration --> Fertilise --> Top dress.
I have never done any of the above and need help with tooling and methods.


Really relying on this community to do their magic. 


Thank youIMG-4967.jpgIMG-4966.jpg

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to remove weeds from lawn?

Afternoon @anshul_bhatia 

:smile: Ahh the pain in the butt existance of weeds.

Id actually love your clover (the three leafed weeds) I like the feel of them underfoot and the white flowers they have. 

I can see some other broardleaf weeds as well. You can buy broardleaf weed killer form Bunnings and theer are also weedkillers that have fertilizer in them. 

My preference would be to mow a few times over the coming weeks (Its summer and the lawn will go nuts in growth) Once the clover has been beheaded the patches wont look the same. With the larger broardleaf weeds I would use cyclone stainless steel weeder and leaver the whole plant out so the tap root comes out before mowing. It may seem like more work but think the lawn looks and stays nicer overall.


I have cats eyes and some bindies that turn up roaund about now. I have nuked my yard and footpath with weedkiller but still they come back. My best result is to just choose a patch in the evening and work your way through pulling up teh whole weed, roots and all..


If your ground seems to be super hard you could arieate it using a few different tools. I have used a pitchfork and just driven the blades in by about 4cm - 5cm and worked my way across the yard. (you can get revolving tools as well) You can then spary some liquid fertilizer into the lawn.


Good luck (personally I would rather my "share sheep" for the street idea get off the ground as I hate mowing. (Share sheep = 1 week my place, next week the neighbours, and so on and then back to my place) I havnt had too many takers yet lol




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to remove weeds from lawn?

Hello @anshul_bhatia 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about removing weeds from your lawn.


I suggest having a quick look at this discussion - Whole lawn is weed @onthejob. If you feel that your lawn has been overtaken by weeds, it might be worth considering starting from scratch. It looks like there is a large infestation of clover mixed in with other various weeds. It's difficult to tell how much of your lawn is still there.


If you decide to try recovery, I recommend Yates 2.4L BuffaloPro Weed 'n' Feed Hose On Weed Killer. This is safe for buffalo and other common lawn types. A much safer option if you’re unsure what lawn type you have. I then propose an aggressive campaign of manual weed removal, it doesn't have to be all in one go. I recommend doing it in sections as time permits.


I then propose aerating the soil and topdressing it so that you can prepare it for reseeding or patching it with instant turf.


Here is a link to our best advice: How do you control weeds in your garden? 


I also suggest having a look at this guide: How to revive your lawn


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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