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How to remove damaged screw and drill bit in deck?

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How to remove damaged screw and drill bit in deck?



I have problems when doing my small low level decking. 


First, 1 Facism stainless screw striped. It striped at about 15mm from screw head. Can I take it by piler? The screw size is 10G. It is really small space for  screws extractor Any suggestion?


Secondly, I accidentally had Fasicm countersink 10G drill bit  broken in the merbau when I pre-drill.  How can I take it out? Or any ideas to fix it?  It is 10G drii bit.  Is it too small to apply piler. 


All is in the center of decking, not at the corner.  Thay are all small.


I draw the pictures to show the position. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Decking problem: damage screw and drill bit in the wood.

That certainly sounds like a bit of a pickle @Fatsquare.


Is the broken screw and drillbit both stuck in one piece of decking? If so, I recommend removing the board to gain access to the drill bit and screw. Hopefully, there will be enough protruding to grab the end with pliers once the board is removed. I can't see any chance of removing them without removing the board first. Alternatively, you could shift the position of your new screw slightly and leave the drill bit and screw in situ. You'll then use timber filler to cover the hole from the damaged screw and bit.


You could potentially drill the screw out with a cobalt drill bit. But you can't drill a drill bit easily.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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