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How to remove deck stain

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How to remove deck stain

I have coated my deck with aquadeck oil based deck and exterior stain and it has come up darker than expected. Is there a product I can use to remove the stain, and then re coat in a lighter colour?
Thanks in advance, Clive

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to remove deck stain

Welcome to the bunnings Workshop community Clive (@clivedavey). It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


It would be helpful to hear a few more details about the deck to formulate some solutions. Could you perhaps upload some images of the deck and let us know what type of timber it is? It would also be good to know how many coats you applied of the product.


In order to go from a darker stain to a lighter colour, it would just about require the complete removal of the current stain. This can either be done via sanding the whole deck or attempting to use a paint stripper. Using paint stripper is messy, time-consuming and will be quite expensive given the amount of product you'll need to use.


The other option instead of attempting to reverse the stain now is to wait until it is due for a re-coat in approximately a year and a half. By that stage, it will have lightened considerably and you could then apply a natural oil with no stain included.


We look forward to hearing more about the deck and helping with a plan to move forward.




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