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How to update a verandah roof?

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How to update a verandah roof?

Hi Community! 

Looking for any advice on whether updating the roof of a front porch verandah is DIY friendly and any how to’s and material recommendations would be appreciated. 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to update a verandah roof?

This certainly could be a D.I.Y. project @VanessaL, but that comes down to your skillset and what you're envisaging. 


Is that some type of polycarbonate roofing? If you were lucky enough that its profile matched Colorbond bullnose roof sheets, then it could be a direct swap. However, that would heavily depend on whether rafters are installed to support it. I suspect that if the idea is to update the roof, you'd need to tie the new bullnose roofing in with other period-correct elements. It might be worth the effort and expense as you could end up with a charming front facade. Adding timber posts to support the verandah roof and fretwork to finish them and some cowls/pots or fancy brickwork to the chimney would go a long way to achieving a federation style appearance.


I'd encourage you to post some wider angles of the front of the property and tell us more about what you'd like to achieve. Do you want new roof sheets, or are you looking at updating the styling of the front of the property?


Let me mention one of our expert property renovators @2Belindas to see if she has any thoughts.




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Re: How to update a verandah roof?

Hi @VanessaL 
I'm with @MitchellMc on this one...if you can switch out with Colourbond sheets that's the easiest solution.  If you cannot get any with the same profile, then don't be afraid to remove the awning completely.

You'll miss out on the weather protection, but it's the cheapest easiest solution.

Also, if you are selling, the new buyers will not know what was there.

PS. If you are replacing with new, look at an awning with straight lines in white.  That's the most modern look atm and will go well with the windows.
Good luck.  Looks good.

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Re: How to update a verandah roof?

Thank you so much for your advice @MitchellMc and @2Belindas it’s always so hard to know where to start with these things. We’re going to look into some colorbond sheets, not sure if we can do this ourselves at this stage but we’ll definitely look into it. 



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