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Is painting the only option to have black PVC pipes?


Is painting the only option to have black PVC pipes?

Hello all!

I'm completely new to PVC pipings and whatnot and would like to ask if anyone can recommend what is the quickest way to have this set of pipes (with caps) in black? I'm asking because I'm potentially getting 120 of these for my research project at the uni which will eventually be placed on the seabed for a month or two, so I think painting these will be pretty tedious. I tried looking to see if people sell them in black but to no avail.

Just some background info: This design is also perfect for me as I need the threaded cap on top and an open end on the side. As for the push-on cap I'll be using cyanoacrylate gel as I don't need the opening there.




Thank you! Grateful to have this community:) 

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Re: Is painting the only option to have black PVC pipes?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @queage. It's fabulous to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I've had a bit of an investigate and we can order fittings similar to this in black. However, they are HDPE and carry a price tag of roughly 16 times the cost of the unit you're showing. If that would be worth considering, you can see the product here- HDPE Vinidex 90 degree cleanout branch.


Can I ask whether there are any requirements in regards to chemical levels present in the paint if it is to be on the seabed for a month or two?


Our White Knight Squirts range of paints will have the best adhesion to plastics. Unfortunately, after speaking to their technical assistant they believe the paint will break down and detach from the PVC very quickly and they do not recommend their product.


Another option might be to consider whether an auto spray painting shop would take on the job and if that type of paint might last under those conditions.


The product Crommelin water-based bitumen paint is suitable for drinking water vessels and is environmentally safe according to their documentation. It will stick to plastic and is suitable for underwater applications. The only caveat is Crommelin can't advise if it's suitable for your needs as it has not been tested in a saltwater environment. If you were to purchase the larger 15-litre container then you could potentially dip the fitting in the bucket to coat them. This would save a considerable amount of time over trying to spraypaint them.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions.




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