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Is there an anti-slip application for tiles?

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Is there an anti-slip application for tiles?

A decade or two ago, I used a clear-coat (boating/marine) lacquer/sealant mixed with ultra fine grain sand (3to1 mix ratio),painting it in two coats once every two years ,allowing dry/cure time . To solve dangerous  issue of wet porch tiles being slippery after winter night rains. I'm acutely aware slips,trips & falls are leading causes for house &rent dwellers to be rushed to E.R depts with leg n hip injuries or fatal head injuries.. Is there a product ready mixed solution available at bunnings.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Is there an Anti/slip-resistance application for front porch tiles,afta rain slips.

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @BScillio. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


There are a few products that I could recommend to reduce the chances of slipping on glazed exterior tiles. 


There is the product CPC 200ml Surfacer Slip Grip which is a treatment that etches the glazed surface imparting a safe 'grip'. CPC also has a coating product Slip Grip 4L available through the special orders desk at your local store.


DTA has a product called Miracle 511 Anti-slip which is also available through the special orders desk at your local store. This product is a coating which reduces the chance of slipping when water is in contact with it.


Let me also mention the talented @Yorky88 and @Brad to see if they have had any experience with anti-slip products on exterior tiles or paving.


Please let me know if you need further information about these products or had any questions.




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