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Laying Pavers - Sideway

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Laying Pavers - Sideway

Hello BW.


Starting a small project to lay Pavers with pebbles. Our one side of the house is with below design which is completed at the time of build.




On the other side (looks as in below image), the plan is to get above layout of pavers and pebbles. Is that something which I can try, of require a tradie to do it. Are there requirements to be verified with the council. 




Another challenging project. Appreciate your thoughts on this.






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Laying Pavers - Sideway

Hi @nagumuthu,


I believe that this is a project you could easily complete yourself. It's a very straightforward process as it appears as if the area might already be suitably prepared.


I see in your first image that there is a number of black drainage outlets installed along the length of the side area. Does the other side have these drainage grates? Does the area drain water freely when it rains, or does it sit there for some time? If there is no drainage, you might like to install some so it is similar to the completed side. That's a job for a professional. Once the drainage is installed, you can proceed with the paving yourself.


If the ground seems reasonably compacted and flat, I'd recommend skipping straight to laying your pavers. It's important to lay weed matting over the area to inhibit weeds from growing up from the soil. Next, measure the width of your selected paver and run two parallel string lines down the centre of the path spaced to indicate the sides of your pavers. Measure from your fence to the wall to find the centre. These string lines can be held in place with stakes at either end. You'll now have the string lines to guide your placement of the pavers. Ensure that your pavers are evenly spaced along the full length of the path.


Once your pavers are placed evenly down the path, you can fill around them with your choice of pebbles. Since this is a relatively large area, you might like to purchase a bulk delivery of pebbles. This will be considerably more budget-friendly than buying pebbles in bags.


I wouldn't imagine there are any requirements from the council that you need to be mindful of, but it wouldn't hurt to call them and verify.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Laying Pavers - Sideway

Hello @MitchellMc 


Thanks for the confidence and yes it is. The land is prepared by the tradie at the time of build with the intention of laying pavers at later point of time.


There are no drainage grates in the area where pavers are to be laid. For the past 2 and half years, when it rains, we did not see any stagnant water in that region.


I have few questions.


  • As the floor is filling with gravel, should sand be filled for a perfect level and compacting it further [Is the work is overdone for an already flat land? ] before laying weedmat. 
  • Is any spay required before laying weed mat for preventing weed growth. Along the way, when it rains, the sparyed chemical will drain away. [ For maintenance, is spay of chemical recommended on pebbles and pavers ]
  • Is 3 Layer of weed mat good enough for preventing weed growth.
  • To affix Pavers to ground, should cement be used to prevent it from movement.
  • For Pebbles (30 to 40mm in size), is there a way to calculate the total quantity required.


Appreciate further thoughts on above.


Happy maintaining your space.





Re: Laying Pavers - Sideway

Hi @nagumuthu,


You could lay down additional sand before the weed matting if further levelling is required. 


The weed matting will kill the weeds it's placed over, so it is unnecessary to spray most of them. You might like to pull out or spray the weeds down the side of the path, as they could manage to grow around the edge of the weed mat. Please remember your PPE when spraying poisons, including safety glasses, a face mask and a long-sleeved shirt and pants. It would be best if you sprayed the pebbles periodically to prevent weeds from growing within them.


Only one layer of weed matt is required.


You could bed the pavers into cement, but I think you'll find that once the pebbles are filled up around them, they will lock the paver into position.


20kg of pebbles will cover approx 0.5m2 at around 50mm depth. This would mean that 1 tonne of pebbles would cover 25m2.


Please let me know if you have further questions.




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Re: Laying Pavers - Sideway

Thanks @MitchellMc for your reply and a lot helpful for the task.

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