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Mackas Planter Boxes

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Mackas Planter Boxes

This is just an update from the post "Thanks Bunnings Trade Desk"


Well we got a heap of treated pine fence Pailings 2.1 X .15 X 12mm

Also some treated pine 70 X 35 for framing.


We got all this at Bunnings Traralgon.


This was a simple build which you will see from the pictures.


This is the large model but not the deluxe.














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Thanks Bunnings Trade Desk Traralgon

My little man Malachi #MACKA is my right hand man. He is my shadow. He is always watching everything I do and has already at 4 learnt to use a wide range of tools and materials.. Bunnings, like me is his Heavenly place. But today little man outstaged the old man.

The little sweet talker while I was on the phone managed to score himself an I'm a little tradie Bunnings shirt and his own little tradie high yellow viz safety shirt. 


Hear is a photo of the little man in his new kit to build planter boxes.


We will update you this week with his little adventure building planter boxes.


And a huge shout out to the staff at Bunnings Traralgon and the Trade Desk





Re: Thanks Bunnings Trade Desk Traralgon



Many thanks for your feedback, we will share it with the team.


We look forward to seeing your new planter boxes on Workshop.


Re: Thanks Bunnings Trade Desk Traralgon

Nice one! Always great having the kids involved!

Handy and helpful
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Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

Good one @gippslandhome. Looks like the little man is going to grow up with some skills. 

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

Thanks @Kermit . He loves the comments from the community members and looking at the projects with me. 👍

Becoming a Leader

Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉

Well we have got to the end of Mackas Planter boxes. We had alot of fun as a family and they were fun to make. 


We hope you enjoy the pictures and don't forget to like Mackas Planter Boxes.


He wants some thumbs up after his hard work 😂😂😂IMG_20190731_165948.jpg
















Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉


Wow, looks like a lot of fun, and there's a budding DIYer there:laugh::grin:

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉

Thank you for your nice encouragement @Walter 


Macka will love when I read your comments to him. Is very capable at the ripe old age of 4😂😂😂👍

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉

@gippslandhome That looks like a load of fun! Give Macka my congratulations on such wonderful work and a 👍 for diligent use of PPE 😊, cheers Deb

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