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Monster gazebo project

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Monster gazebo project

OK.  First posting.

I am about to start on a massive gazebo project that I will mostly be doing alone and am well aware that it will take me 2-3 years to complete, at least.

I have roughly calculated it to be about 170 m2 and will cover the area immediately behind the house (paved area), over the existing shade house (to be demolished afterward) and down the side of the house between the extension and the hedge (back of the existing shade house.



(The shade house would be at the top right of this diagram.  The residence is where the 170 is located).


The plan is to use 100mm x 3m treated pine logs for uprights.  I am yet to decide on the "cealing" cross members, but probably something around 6"x2" treated timber.  


The photos below show the work area.  The first one is looking toward the house from the back of the garden.  The gazebo area is roughly where the current canopies are situated and will extend over the shade house located on the right.  Once the structure is built and the corner covered, the existing shade house will be removed and the existing garden area underneath will remain untouched (photos of this are attached).





The shot below is the existing shade house.  Much of the timber is rotten as it has stood for about a thousand years.  However, I will get another year or two out of it before it needs to be demolished.

The planted area below is a mix of plants.  There was a fish pond at the back, but I have filled it in and am growing herbs.


The pink wall on the right is the end of the house extension.  The gazebo will end paralel to this wall and extend across to the hedge on the right.  It will then go all the way along the hedge to the shade house in the middle of the photo.


Some of the area to be covered is concrete, some is brigh and some is is an adventure in my yard.



The structure will be constructed as modules rather than trying to complete in one move.  As each module is completed, it will have vines such as grape, passionfruit, etc grown over it so that it will provide shady leaves in the summer and plenty of sunlight during the winter.


I will be building around the existing trees so that they provide shade, but also remain an integral part of the landscape.


I am yet to measure up properly and put pen to paper.  I am just waiting for the weather to cool off a little and to get an off-sider to help me measure.  I am not completely certain that everything here is as square as it should be.


I am open to suggestions as I will be building it my my self for the most part and anything that makes the job easier is a good idea.



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Re: Monster gazebo project.



Thanks for sharing your project. It sounds very exciting. I trust you will receive helpful advice and inspiration for this project and many others in future from our community members. Please post whenever you need a hand, and we particularly look forward to watching your monster gazebo take shape.


Welcome to Workshop.



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Re: Monster gazebo project.

Hi @Dragonshair
Sounds like a nice project Whereabouts are you building?
Things to consider
1.Will you need Planning & Building Approvals?
2.Construction & Engineering options for wind loadings, large spans, roof type, column locations, etc,etc.
3.Simplifying your plan for ease of construction
4.Bal Rating (Bushfire Ratings) ?
5.If you are thinking of building it in stages consider a Flat/low pitched roof with Composite (Steel & Wood) trusses
6. Planning, Budget & Costs, online resources, Bim 3D Models can be linked to Bunnings price lists
7. Future extensions, Partial Enclosures,etc,etc

There would be quite a few viewers that would be interested in large outdoor, Pergolas, Open sheds and the like heres my simple solution & contribution..for starters



Re: Monster gazebo project.

Thanks Bim_engineer,

The gazebo won't be covered, it will only be a frame and I will have vines providing shade.  Some sections may have a wide mesh to assist the vines, but other than that, it won't be covered.  

I live in Geurie, right in town, so bush fires aren't a significant problem and if a bush fire does reach me, then I have much bigger problems than the gazebo.


This is closer to what I am looking at.

Think of a frame like this, over a much larger area.


The gazebo won't be used to house cars or anythinhg, it is just for a nice place to sit in the shade when it gets too hot.

Re: Monster gazebo project.

Hi @Dragonshair,


Hope all is well.


Just wondering how this project is progressing? It would be great to get an update.


Do let us know if you need a hand, too.




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Re: Monster gazebo project.

G'day Jason,

Not a lot has been happening.  Super hot out this way lately.

To some degree, I am still working on my methodology as I am doing this pretty much solo and I really don't want to have to double up on work because I got it wrong the first time around.  I am also working to a pretty tight budget, so I am buying materials as I can and storing it all until I am ready to strike a blow.


I promise, not a list of excuses to validate procrastination.



Re: Monster gazebo project.

Is there any kind of free software available that I can use to plan the construction. Specifically, a simple grid where I can plan posts and rails, etc. A costing calculator as well would be good.

I looked online and there were a stack, but without downloading each of them and testing them (and risk introducing computer viruses), I have no way of knowing what would be of any use.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Monster gazebo project.

Hi Col (@Dragonshair)


In other discussions on this topic on Workshop previously, community members have recommended and 


Let us know how you go.




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Re: Monster gazebo project.

Buildsomething does look promising. Thanks for that. I like how the projects are rated by users. 

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Re: Monster gazebo project.

Thanks Jason.

I had a 5 minute glance at SketchUp before work this morning.  It looked pretty good.  I haven't had a chance to look at Buildsomething as yet, but will try to check it out over the next couple of days.


Thanks for the suggestions.



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