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Outdoor Christmas decorations

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Outdoor Christmas decorations

Totally random but I'm actually looking at starting to add to my Christmas collection now so.....



This was my very first DIY project. I always wanted outdoor Christmas decorations but never really found what I was after. So a few Christmas's ago I got a jigsaw and sander. I bought a pattern online for the sleigh, Santa and reindeers.... it's called The Winfield collection if anyone wants to know. The sleigh is absolutely awesome and I can put my kids in it and get some great photos.

I had no idea how to do anything but was easy with the pattern. It gives you a list of materials and an actual pattern that you lay over your plywood and trace out. You can also buy lile a carbon paper to go between your paper pattern and plywood to make to easy marking onto the plywood.

Simply trace the pattern, cut with jigsaw, sand, assemble, paint and varnish. I made the mistake of not getting a non-yellowing varnish, so the whites have gone a bit yellow.






The stocking and candy canes were just simple cut outs I drew myself.



I made the mailbox from scratch. Made the front/back and arch. Then cut thin strip's of plywood and attached to front and back with nails. Screwed the end lid of poly pipe to the bottom and then attached a pipe. To go into the ground we hammered in a stake and put the pipe over it. The mail man actually started using the mailbox. There is a little door at the back of hinges to open to collect Santa mail.


I found this to be a really good introduction for me to using some power tools. And also showing me how to and where to screw things to assemble something. Since this, my tool collection has grown and gave me the confidence to do other projects without plans.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Outdoor Christmas decorations

That's so super awesome, @AnitaP! I bet the neighbourhood kids love your place! 


Have you ever seen the fake snow machines that you can buy? They consist of a blower unit that sprays tiny little foam particles into the air that do an excellent job of looking like snow. They cost a bit, but would undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to your winter wonderland. I purchased one when I worked in-store for the Christmas family nights. The kids would go nuts screaming, "It's snowing, it's snowing, IT'S REALLY SNOWING!!".


What are you planning on building for this year, some cheeky little elves?


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: Outdoor Christmas decorations

@MitchellMc  oh wow. I will have to look into the snow machine.


I am making a large Christmas tree. But I would like to make a moving carousel with elves on it. That website sell the plans and motor to make a spinning Christmas carousel.

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