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Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

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Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

20210507_142744.jpegG'day DIYers. Thought I'd share with you the biggest DIY project I've ever attempted. We're basically extending our alfresco area to include an awning, deck and outdoor kitchen. 


Here is the space, I hope you enjoy the journey as I embark upon new DIY methods never done before. I consider myself quite handy, happy to give anything a crack once. 




We started with the awning. I was going to purchase a kit and install it myself. Stratco kits were so expensive so I employed a local builder to supply and install for pretty much the same cost. 


The goal for the whole project was to produce a maintenance free area. So we chose the use of steel and composite materials throughout.

The awning consists of aluminium posts, beams and gutters. The ceiling is insulated and we incorporated 2 led lights to match the LEDs in situ under the alfresco.




To ensure the space is weatherproof, I constructed a steel frame using Krauff tracks and wall studs from Bunnings. This is to support the blueboard sheets.


Mounting the sheets was difficult, just because of the weight of the material. Thank goodness for quick grips.


Then I applied the cement joint compound to cover the joints and screw heads.


We chose the finish the kitchen splashback with Dulux Texturecoat. First we primed the wall.


Nearly stopped the project there and converted the area to a home cinema,  but we pressed on and applied the texturecoat.


Then it was time to construct the deck. The sub-floor would be built using 100x500x2.0 galvanised steel bearers and joists on a single plane. The 2 main bearers would be attached to the side of the alfresco slab and attached to the awning posts. The bearer on the house side is 7m in length and extends beyond the alfresco to the retaining wall. Getting those 2 bearers installed was challenging due the weight and lengths.


After that I set the posts and attached the remaining bearers and joists.



Prior to this I ran power and water from nearby sources. I also have a stormwater drain at the rear corner where the awning gutters feed into. 

The sub-floor follows the level of the alfresco which falls away to the rear of the yard. This is evident when you see the bottom of the splashback and the level of the bearer. 


After completing the sub-floor, we ordered the composite decking from Bunnings (ekodeck) and installed the boards. I chose to install breaker boards to avoid any butt joints in the decking boards. 



And added some chairs for looks.



Kitchen construction time. Another trip to Bunnings to purchase appliances and the material for the kitchen cabinets. In keeping with the maintenance free theme I choose 65mm Klauff steel tracks and wall studs. They were built around the 2 door Matadoor fridge also purchased from Bunnings. 


So that's where I'm up to as at 12 March 2021. Will keep you posted as I continue. Next step, connect power for the fridge, purchase cabinet cladding, bench tops and install sink and bbq rangehood.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Absolutely amazing @funksoulbro1. Looks like a wonderful set up that you can be proud to show off to friends and family very soon.


Can't wait to see the finishing touches – the pizza oven will be a fantastic addition to an already incredible space.




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Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

This looks fantastic @funksoulbro1 

I can’t find what you used for the benchtop in the end?

I love @vasilako idea on large format tiles. Did you go with them?

we are building a new house next year and looking for outdoor bbq ideas 😊

Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Hi @craftyhopper. I found a product by Laminex called 'Compact Laminate - Alfresco'. It's tough, dense weatherproof material but only 13mm in width. The inner material is exposed on the edge. Check it out. 




Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Hi @vasilako that's a great option and that looks fantastic. What a great job, well done and thanks for the tip. I ended up with a product called Compact Laminate Alfresco - by Laminex. Turned out really nice.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Many thanks for the update, @funksoulbro1. This has been a fabulous project to follow along with. You've achieved an outstanding result and should be really proud of your efforts. I trust this is going to be a fabulous outdoor space to use.


I can't wait to see those finishing touches, as it already looks amazing! Well done.




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Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Just a quick update to show what I did to connect my 20mm poly pipe to the mixer tap. I purchased a 20mm to 1/2" pex smartex connector. Just slip it on and voila! As I'm only running cold water, I needed a Y fitting for the 2 mixer hoses so used a brass Kinetic fitting. Plumbing tape between the pex and kinetic fittings was required to guarantee a good seal and this system worked like a charm with no evident leaks. Great to have water available now.

So to drain it away, I purchased a P trap and drilled a 50mm hole in the blue board. With a little bit of reaming, I was able to get a 50mm pvc pipe out behind the board and connected to drainage lines.

Here a the final results of this work.



Now to add the infill panel to the step down in the bench top. The material is dense and difficult to cut. It's also easy to chip the surface material so I used my speed square and spirit level to guide the saw along the cut line minimising any burring of the finished surface. Slotted the panel in for a pretty good fit and the benchtops can now be secured to the steel frames and the gaps silicones. That's this weekend's job.


Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Looking great @funksoulbro1! You're in the home stretch now.




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Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)








Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Absolutely amazing work, @funksoulbro1! Your finishing touches really bring everything together. I'm sure you are thrilled with the results as they are really top-notch.


Many thanks for sharing this project with us, as it's been a wonderful journey to join you on. I can't wait to see what you'll contribute next. Well done!




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Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

WOW! @funksoulbro1  ! Great work!


We love seeing Ekodeck being used to really transform a space and this is one of the biggest transformations we've seen in a long time!


Would love to hear some feedback on the product if you have a moment to share your experience using our new Designer Series range :smile: 

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