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Pool area ideas

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Pool area ideas

Hi, I am after some tips and help of any sort for my new pool area. I have a very big drop from pool level to ground. It's only one side that's more of a drop and that's really bothering me. Their was a corner garden in the corner before the yard got dug up for the pool. The garden I thought was going to be completely dug out during that process. For some reason it has been left very untidy in the corner still with garden rocks ect... Very annoying. So looks like i have to fix it up... I want to create a nice inviting area that whole side where the drop is. I would like a cheaper way to sprus my area up. I can't go with decking on the side of pool area as it wasn't approved and we are already in the middle of having a large deck be rebuilt of the back of the house. I want grass layed in the area but that's where my ideas stop... All I can think to do is pot plants and some pool chairs maybe?? That's all easy to throw them things in... But I would like something exciting thrown at me that is cheaper and easy to create that really complements the area and brings it more together to look like a proper pool area... I don't like the drop down at all but it couldn't be helped as it's how it had to be built for approval ect... Excuse the untidy pool floaties laying everywhere... Right now im unmonitored to do anything in their until I have a plan for the area. Also I am going to buy some kind of boxed storage seat so I can put away all pool things. Any help would be so great. Thank you 😊











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Re: pool area ideas

Hi @leah,


Welcome to the community and thanks for making your first post. Apologies for the slow reply. 


Congrats on the pool, it looks fantastic. I'm sure our members will have some ideas on how best to finish it off. If you could give us an idea of what kind of budget you have in mind, then amazing members with plenty of experience like @ProjectPete might like to share some of their experience.


My wife and I had a similar situation to deal with when we were planning our pool on a block that sloped downwards away from the house. We decided to bite the bullet and level the backyard when we put the pool in to avoid a drop like you now have, but it meant we need to build retaining walls and of course extend the height of the fencing to comply with pool safety standards. Not a cheap exercise but something you might wish to consider.  


Looking forward to seeing what you do. 




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