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Recommend a high pressure cleaner for outdoor tiles?

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Recommend a high pressure cleaner for outdoor tiles?

Hello Members,

Looking for a high pressure cleaner for alresco tiles. Some stains as attached in below images are not removed from the tile. More hand pressure is required for cleaning them using hard brush.




Can you please share on any suitable multi purpose high pressure cleaner that can be used not only for tiles, for other purposes as well. (e.g Cars, brickwall, wall tiles etc.)


Thanks for your time on this.


Best Wishes


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: High Pressure Cleaning - Tiles

Hi @nagumuthu,


High-pressure cleaners such as the Ryobi 2000W 2200PSI Pressure Washer are perfect for cleaning hard surfaces, including various other items like cars.


They really excel at blasting off dirt, muck and grime or anything stuck to the surface. However, they generally can't help you with staining, marks and scratches that have penetrated the surface of the material. Most of what I see in your images falls into this category.


I'd suggest using a combination of a stiff bristle broom, a cleaning solution and your new pressure washer to combat these types of stubborn items. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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