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Suggestions wanted for fishing rod holder clamp

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Suggestions wanted for fishing rod holder clamp

Hello, I've got a rod holder that's meant to go on a boat rail but it doesn't fit the diameter of the hole for the rod holder is 25mm.
Please attached a drawing of what I'm looking for. (A clamp)

I need a clamp or something that can good around about 50mm boat rail and i can attach that to 25mm pole.

Any other suggestions please

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Rod holder clamp questions

Hello @TomBradyFan


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you to sharing your question about your rod holder.


That is a nifty piece of gear you have there. In order to attach the 25mm pole to the 50mm pole, you would either have to clamp it or drill through it to attach a nut and bolt on each end. I suggest using Ideal 1m Black Flat Surface Rubber Matting Sheet in combination with Taskmaster 125 x 65.5mm 316 Stainless Steel U Bolt. I recommend using Metal Mate 25 x 1mm 1m Aluminium Round Tube, but if you find that the metal is not thick enough, you'll have to find one that has a thicker body.


In order to join them together, you'll need to cut the rubber into 100mm strips and wrap it around the 25mm pipe. You'll also need to wrap some on the 50mm pipe. Hold them in place using cable ties, make sure to get one that is rated for external use. Place the 25mm pipe over the 50mm pipe where you want to position it. Clamp both pipes together using the "U" bolt. Please note your goal is to clamp bother pipes together using the rubber matting as fillers. If you feel you need to put more on don't hesitate to add more. Keep in mind that excessive force will crush not only the 50mm pipe but the 25mm pipe as well, your goal is to have it firm and steady but not overly tight.


If you were to drill the pipes together, I suggest using the rubber matting as a spacer in conjunction with Zenith M10 x 100mm Stainless Steel Cup Head Bolt And Nut. This configuration would be straightforward and would need less adjusting compared to clamping. But it is still subject to crushing so please do not overtighten the nut and bolt. I've placed a basic sketch below, if you have any questions about the configuration, please don't hesitate to post them.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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