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Trolley stand upcycled from old barbecue

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Trolley stand upcycled from old barbecue

My idea was to make a trolley stand for drinks or plants out of an old barbecue.


We took all parts off the barbecue and recycled all parts.All parts were dropped off at a recycling depot.


We used Form ply F14 1200x595x17mm that cost S22.70 from Bunnings.


The Form ply was a perfect for the top of the trolley and screws were used at each end of the trolley.


With perfect length screws from Bunnings the project was completed.


We like the finished trolley and it was easy to move around with the wheels. 



We used Form F14 1200x595x17mm that cost $22.70 from four screws 8G x30mm  each end from Bunnings




We used battery drill, jigsaw and screw driver bits, tape measure, pencil, and sand paper to remove sharp edges.


Step 1

Take off all parts of barbecue.


Recycle all parts of top of barbecue


Step 2

We used Form ply F14 1200x595x17mm from Bunnings.


Four screws 8G x 30mm  were used at each end of trolley.



Step 3

20230726_100536 06.jpg

Step 4

Each end of trolley was shaped to fit the new top20230726_095936  (9.jpg

Step 5

4 screws 8G x 30mm  were used at each end of the trolley

to fix the top to the frame.

Step 6

We decided to leave the wheels on the trolley to made it easy to move around the garden.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Trolley stand

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @jenny123. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing your wonderful project.

Creating a trolley stand from an old barbecue is a brilliant idea, and it's impressive how you recycled all the parts, reducing waste and giving the barbecue a new purpose. The finished trolley stand looks fantastic, and I'm sure it's super-easy to move around the garden, providing versatility and convenience. Overall, it's a remarkable transformation and a practical addition to your outdoor space.


How has the trolley stand improved the functionality of your garden or patio area, and have you had a chance to wheel it out when entertaining?


Great job!




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