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What base to use for dog kennel?

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What base to use for dog kennel?

Hi, I have ordered this dog kennel and wanting to have it secured to a small deck. There is no floor for this kennel so i thought a slightly raised deck 1.5m wide (kennel is 1.5m wide) and at least 1metre of deck in front of the kennel, kennel is .78 deep. My DIY skills aren't amazing. 

Would a couple of goodtimes modular decks be suitable with some outdoor plywood over the top I thought ply might be cheaper than the premade deck panels from goodtimes decking. I might have this set up on my concrete patio or half on the grass/patio. Any easy ways to do this please? I like the qualities of eko deck but it looks expensive. 

Screenshot_20230507_182719_Samsung Internet.jpg

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: What base to use for dog kennel?

Hi @-Mel,


The GoodTimes modular frame bases could certainly be used and would make things simple. The plywood would cost less than the decking panels, or you could purchase lengths of decking separately. Adding the decking lengths to the frame would be a relatively simple process and end up being substantially cheaper than the panels.


If you'd like to construct the frames yourself, I've compiled the renders below to help illustrate the materials you'd need. With the savings you'd make by constructing the frame yourself, you could look at cladding it with the Ekodek. Bear in mind that the Ekodeck can get quite hot in full sun in the middle of summer, so it might not be the best surface for your dog to walk on.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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