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What outdoor heater for protected alfresco space?

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What outdoor heater for protected alfresco space?

I am looking for an outdoor heater for my 4m x 5m alfresco area that is enclosed with cafe blinds. I’m not expecting it to be normal room temperature but something that could make it at least 10 degrees at night when my dog has to sleep outside would be perfect. Preferably not something that requires an electrician 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Heater for protected outdoor space

Hello @MeMo


Thanks for sharing your question about heaters. I recommend using the Jumbuck 2000W Radiant Patio Heater. It has a good range and if the area is covered with cafe blinds it should hold the generated heat in the alfresco. However, because the cafe blinds are not insulated the heat will disperse very quickly. I suggest building your dog a temporary insulated dog house to protect them from the cold. Once the cold season has passed you can then take it apart and put it away for next season.  


The materials are very simple, it's made of 13 pieces of untreated non-structural 90 x 30 x 900 timber and 1 piece of plywood for the floor. I suggest using Zenith 8G x 50mm Gold Passivated Countersunk Rib Head Chipboard Screws - 22 Pack to join them all together. I've sketched a basic plan to give you an idea of how to put it together. Once you've completed the frame line the floor with an old duvet or a thick blanket that the dog is familiar with.


The next step is to cover the frame with another old duvet to trap the heat inside the dog house frame. Keep the duvet firmly attached to the frame using the screws. Make sure that the extra folds all go beside the frame so that there are no gaps that will let cold air come into the dog house except the entrance. You're basically gift-wrapping it with a little side entrance for the dog to go into. The dog's body heat will be kept inside the dog's house and protect them from the cold.  


Let me tag our experienced members @prettylivng, @TedBear and @Adam_W for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.





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Re: Heater for protected outdoor space

Hi @MeMo , I agree with @EricL about making an insulated dog house. However, the idea of leaving a heater of any sort on, unattended, at night worries me. 

My own dog finds it amusing when I place a blanket over him on cold nights. He wags his tail ( "funny joke, hiding the dog")  and then shoves it off ... and sleeps well under his own fur.  Has a deep fluffy bed and happy with that. I would therefore assume  that a well insulated dog house will do the trick, without any fire risk. You can always option up later if you think your dog is suffering from the cold. (They aren't built as inadequately as we humans are.)

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Heater for protected outdoor space

Agree that gas and electricity would concern me safety and expense wise. I like the insulated igloo idea.


But I can't talk. I'm ashamed to say our dog not only sleeps indoors - but with us in bed. 😔



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