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What trade for replacing barge boards and capping?

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What trade for replacing barge boards and capping?

Having had a good look I can't do this myself due to height etc. But I am not sure what trade to try to get...roofer or builder or handy person. I will have to just get onlime quotes I guess as I don't really have any suitable contacts. Any advice appreciated thx

The Timber capping and timber underneath to which it is attached are rotten and some of the capping has fallen off on an older house front gable and needs to be replaced. I think the board where the electricity comes in is ok but the capping there is not


barge boards1.JPGbarge boards4.JPGbarge boards5.JPG


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Re: What trade for replacing barge boards and capping?

Hi @Coolaholigah,


Good call on not doing this yourself, as it looks like a precarious job that will be quite dangerous without the right equipment.


You might be able to employ a handyperson to fix the barge board, but I'd certainly recommend you enlist the services of a roofing specialist for the capping. That looks like a potential point of water ingress, so you'd want an expert in roofing to re-install flashing in that area.


The timber capping is not adequate on its own as it doesn't prevent water from being blown up and under it. You need to install flashing there to prevent that. It's one of those jobs where you want it done right the first time, as if not, it can lead to not only having to redo the repair but damage to your ceiling structure.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have questions.




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Re: What trade for replacing barge boards and capping?

O thank you. There doesn't seem to be any flashing there actually. I tried to get up in the ceiling space to see it from the inside but I just wasn't quite tall enough (or ladder quite high enough I guess) to get up through the manhole. I did notice there's no sarking under the tiles too. anyway, thats something for when a new roof goes in I guess. Thanks for clarifying the trade for me

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