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10 different ways to use a garage

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Projects Editor

10 different ways to use a garage.png


A garage is more than just a space to park your car. It can be used in many ways to suit your lifestyle and interests. 


From building home offices to creating storage areas, Bunnings Workshop members have shared different ways to make the most out of their garages. Check out some examples below.


1. Workshop or craft room


Transform your garage into a workshop for D.I.Y. projects or a craft room for any other hands-on hobbies. Workshop member @RatBoy  included multiple workbenches and loads of tool storage while converting his garage into a workshop.


Garage converted into workshop.png


For those interested in building a workbench for their garage or shed, check out our Top 10 most popular workbench projects.


2. Home gym


Forget high membership fees or busy gyms. A garage can provide a private and convenient space for exercising. Mark (@Remarka6le) built a home gym in his garage complete with mirror-tinted windows and wall storage.


Home gym in garage.png


Have a look at tips on building your own home gym shared by the Bunnings team.


3. Storage room


Garages are a great way to add valuable storage space to your home. Lauren (@lcooksey88) created an organised storage area in this garage storage makeover.


Leanne's garage storage makeover.jpeg


To maximise storage in your garage or shed, read the step-by-step guide How to build garage storage shared by Rob (@Peggers).


4. Mud room


Create a buffer zone between your outdoor and indoor spaces by converting your garage into a mud room. Get inspired by Sarah (@HousevsSarah) who turned a cluttered garage into a mud room that stores everyday items like bags and shoes.




Don’t miss 10 practical mud room storage projects.


5. Laundry


With proper insulation and plumbing, a garage can be converted into a functional laundry. Ashlee (@ashleesellen) turned part of her unused garage into a laundry with loads of storage and feature floor tiles.


Garage converted into spacious laundry (2).png


Experienced Bunnings Workshop member Adam Woodhams (@Adam_W) shares renovation tips and space-saving ideas in his guide How to plan a laundry renovation.


6. Home office


Given the rise in flexible working, a home office is a popular way to use a garage. Add comfort and functionality to your space using elements like slip-resistant rubber flooring and desks with ample workspace.


Home office in garage_Edited (2).png


Find more inspiring ideas in 10 home office project ideas.

7. Bar


Turn your garage into an inviting and entertaining space for socialising and relaxation. While converting their garage into a Texas-style bar, member @misszara retained an old workbench to create a rustic effect.


Garage converted into Texas-style bar (2).jpg


The Bunnings team shares step-by-step instructions on building your own D.I.Y. wooden pallet wine bar.


8. Bedroom


Use your garage to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom for you and your guests. Jacinta (@Ourgisbornehome) transformed her garage into a master bedroom, complete with a wainscot feature wall. 

Garage turned into a master bedroom (2).png


Here are 10 ways to update your bedroom.


9. Home theatre


Set up a cosy home theatre in your garage where you can relax and enjoy watching movies. Josh (@JoshC83) created a home cinema in his garage using particleboard, curtains, LED strip lights and a 120-inch projector.


Home theatre in garage.jpg


Nurhadi (@Prof) shares detailed instructions on how to build a dedicated home theatre.

10. Pool cabana

Converting a garage into a pool cabana can create an inviting and functional space for relaxing, changing and entertaining. Belinda (@2Belindas) transformed an old garage into a Hamptons-style pool cabana.


Pool cabana.jpeg


10 makeover ideas for your pool contains many other creative pool projects.


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The Bunnings Workshop community can help if you need more assistance with your garage project. Don’t hesitate to ask a question.

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